2018 EPA Notification

October 20, 2017


Dear Valued Customer,


Effective January 1, 2018, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring that the purchase of 30 lb. cylinders of R134a require an AC certification card (609 certification for automotive and 608 certification for HVAC) or a signed resale agreement if the purchaser is purchasing the refrigerant for eventual resale.


If you are an end user, then you must show evidence that at least one technician within your company is properly certified.


If you are a wholesaler that sells refrigerant for resale you are legally responsible for ensuring that your customers fit into one of the categories of allowed purchasers under the sales restriction. Although the regulation does not specify precautions that wholesalers must take to verify the intent of individuals purchasing refrigerant, EPA recommends that wholesalers obtain a signed statement from the purchaser indicating that he or she is purchasing the refrigerant only for eventual resale to certified technicians.


If you are purchasing refrigerant for resale purposes from Lenz Sales & Dist. Inc. please fill out the attached Lenz Sales & Dist., Inc. Resale Agreement and email the swalker@lenzdist.com.


**R134a 12 oz. cans are not subject to this sales restriction**


Changes with R134a 12 oz. cans РEPA is now requiring that small cans of R134a packaged after January 1st, 2018 be outfitted with self-sealing valves.  EPA is not restricting the sales of the old style R134a cans, and therefore they can be purchased and sold with no issues until current stock piles are sold out.


Lenz Sales & Dist., Inc.

Resale Agreement


I fully understand that I am purchasing refrigerants from Lenz Sales & Dist., Inc. only for the eventual resale to certified technicians.


Business Name: _______________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________


Resale Tax ID#: _______________________________________


Contact: _____________________________________________


Signature: ____________________________________________


Please remit to: swalker@lenzdist.com